A proposition with three components that’s how ECN views the creation of a Corporate Digital Framework.

Everything must connect. Everything must fit. Everything must work. Our Approach, our Methodology and commitment to Innovation is the cornerstone of your solution.


Business telephony solutions

ECN is the developer of myCloudPBX, a full featured, cloud based Internet Voice Phone System to manage the needs of businesses across multiple sites and geographic locations.

Hosted voice systems give your business more functionality than traditional physical exchange boxes. We can help design and configure a call system for any business size and geographic complexity. Call analytics, easy set-up and modification make your system the business asset it is meant to be.

Modern desktop handsets have huge functionality lists. Make sure your phone system is up to the task of utilising your investment in hardware.

We have call plans and voice bundles to suit all business sizes and types.


Internet and Connectivity Solutions

The ability to access and distribute data and information is one of businesses most critical functions.

We maintain excellent relationships with all of Australia’s major telecommunications carriers, allowing us to select the right technology to suit your business, your locations and your specific needs.

To complement our own data centres in Brisbane, we have network footprints in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

For business critical services and just in time solutions, we deliver on Fibre, Ethernet, Microwave, nbnTM and ADSL.


Cloud Services and Enablement

Your staff are accessing the cloud, your clients are already there.

The ability to access, operate and transact in the cloud is one of businesses most pressing issues and greatest opportunities.

We are network infrastructure specialists. We design and deliver multi-site solutions that connect your offices in your own corporate cloud, behind managed gateways and firewalls with the best network administration tools on the market.

With ECN, you can connect to secure physical and virtual cloud infrastructure in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.